HIMNO del NEWCASTLE | Local Hero – Mark Knofler

Fan Chants

When the Mags, Go Marching In | Letra – Lyrics

Oh when the Mags (oh when the Mags),
Go marching in (go marching in),
Oh when the Mags go marching in,
I wanna be in that number,
Oh when the Mags go marching in…

We Love Newcastle | Letra – Lyrics

We love Newcastle, we do,
We love Newcastle, we do,
We love Newcastle, we do,
Ohhhhhh Newcastle we love you…

We Are the Geordies | Letra – Lyrics

We are the Geordies,
the Geordie boot boys,
For we are mental, we are mad,
We’re the loyalest football supporters,
The World has ever had…

Newcastle United FC Song – Don’t Take Me Home | Letra – Lyrics

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Don’t take me home
Please don’t take me home
I just don’t want to go to work
I wanna stay here
Drink all the beer
Please don’t, please don’t take me home

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