Himno del Fulham FC – Anthem

Canticos del Fulham – Fulham Chants Lyrics


Whos that team they call the fulham
whos that team we all adore
we r the boyz in black and white
and we fight with all our might
and we r out to show the world the
way to score

We Are Fulham,
Super Fulham,
We Fulham,
We Are Fulham,
Super Fulham,
We Are Fulham,
F*ck Chelsea.

Fulham Fc,
Oh mist rolling in from the Thames,
My Desire, is always to be here,
My Fulham Fc

You Are My Fulham,
My Only Fulham,
You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey,
I Never Noticed,
How Much I Loved You,
Until You Taken My Fulham Away,
NaNaNaNa NA oh

Chris’s colemans black and white
chris’s colemans black and
white army.

We all follow the fulham,
over land and sea (and leicester)
we all follow the fulham
on tooo victory,
all together now,

Fulham, Fulham, fulhammm,
Fulham, Fulham Fulhammm,
Fulham Fulham Fulham Fulham

She wore,
she wore,
she wore a black ‘n’ white ribbon,
She wore a black ‘n’ white ribbon,
in the merry month of may,
And when, I asked, her why she wore that ribbon,
She said it’s for the Fulham,
and we’re going to Wembley.
Wembley, Wembley, We’re the famous Fulham FC
and we’re going to Wembley, Wembley, Wembley

i’m Fulham Till i die,
Fulham Till i die,
i no i am,im sure i am,
im fulham till i die

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