Sober – INNA

Sober Letra / Lyrics Escúchalo en Amazon Music Lyrics Sober – INNA (?)Where I’ll be waking upAnd another night I’m gonna fake itAnd I wonder Is it ever gonna stop? OhWill there ever be a chance?Our hearts will crossWill it ever be enough? YeahCould it ever be a chance?I won’t be lost I just wanna get to know youWith my soberPull you overGet you […]

Not My Baby – INNA

Not My Baby Lyrics LETRA – LYRICS Escúchalo en Amazon Music Lyrics Not My Baby – INNA It’s not the way it was before His touch was heaven, I remember But every rose, it has its thorn Before you know, you prick your finger Two truths, one lie Don’t really need it No, not tonight Three words, nice try […]